More than a Resumé

Client: Codemiine
My Role: Research / UX & UI Design
#01 Introduction
Curriculum Vitae is Latin for 'course of life'. Watched the news recently? Well, there's a nasty virus going around and unemployment has soared globally. While governments face off to challenges of balancing lives vs livelihoods, it is the growing number of jobseekers that are fighting the true battle. Australian job seekers need our help!

The concept of Flick CV is aimed at new age jobseeker of the post Covid-19 world. FlickCV attempts to bring a self promotion "drum" for the Australian job seeker in a new age economy.

"The future of work will be more competitive, and for many, working more than one job at any one time will be normal, a likeness to wearing many hats"
#02 Project Goals
The future of work will be more competitive, and for many, working more than one job at any one time will be normal, a likeness to wearing many "hats". FlickCV is your CV in the cloud, it is a tool to help build a personal brand on the web and more.

FlickCV aims to allow users to maintain many CVs including cover letter stored per JOB stored in the cloud. It turns a static resume into an online showcase that can be shared on the go from any device. FlickCV also aims to bring together Job Seekers and creative writers for users who need a leg up in job seeker market.

My role is to provide UX research, UI design and final prototype
User Persona and Journey Map.
#03 Research & Competitor Analysis
OK...It's a crowded space. What do we know?

Almost all resume builders are US based, the land of the free, and the one-page resume. Many promote visual design over word crafting, while others provide endless templates including fancy graphics, embedded photos and multi section layouts. So, in Oz, what actually matters when writing a CV?

It is Ok to be creative. Many employers want to see your creative side but keep the CV uncluttered and easy to read.

A summary of your key attributes and what you do well. This is Your brand. One of the most important steps

Tailoring the CV to the job matters in order to get best shot at scoring an interview

The selection criteria must be addressed. The ATS will search your CV for key words and match them

Don't ramble on. But don't be limited to 1 page, you may want to account sure the last 10 years experience. Remove the filler words.

Where lie the opportunities?
Research Findings:
  • Many Job seekers need assistance with word crafting and showing their individuality
  • Most users start with the job Ad. They then proceed to customize the CV according to specific job selection criteria. Pairing of Document bundles. e.g. Cover letter, Job ad and CV or version should be managed and easily retrieved.
  • Advice. Algorithm for keyword matching of CV content to Job Ad selection criteria is useful
  • Seizing the opportunity! Many users wished they could retrieve their CV from their phone at a networking event share it on the go.
Feature Mapping Group Activity
#04 Information Architecture
Key requirement for IA was linked to user flow and journey maps. The overall objective was to ensure that the user able to navigate easily and simply. The whole design pivoted around the CV designer and ability to switch between documents.
#05 The Final Product
The Aims of Flick CV is to personalize the CV writing experience. In development of the UI, it was important to keep the user engaged and allow a large amount of customization particular on the live view page. The CV designer is critical to the design and where the user will spend majority of the time, so most effort was spent here particularly on menu design layout.

Lesson Learnt:
Getting up to speed on Adobe XD

Next Steps:
Prepare mobile and tablet prototypes.
Final Prototype screen shots
Go On, Flick your CV on to someone today.